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Launch of new waste partnership will save businesses money and improve recycling

St Albans BID has joined forces with local waste company KP Waste in a new partnership that aims to improve recycling rates and boost the local economy, saving businesses in St Albans money on their commercial waste costs.

St Albans BID (Business Improvement District) worked with Eunomia and HUBBUB to procure a collaborative commercial waste contract. After consultation with 6 possible suppliers and a rigorous procurement process, KP Waste have been appointed as the successful supplier to deliver a high quality, low cost waste collection service for businesses in the city.

Martin Rogers (KP Waste) and Helen Burridge (St Albans BID).jpg

St Albans BID, which came into existence in April 2017 and currently represents 522 local businesses, began work in summer 2017 to understand the challenges of bins, waste and recycling in a medieval city with all the needs of a modern commercial centre. 92% of businesses felt the St Albans streetscene influenced their business and 42% have experienced issues with the reliability of their waste collection services. In October 2018 the search began for a contractor to offer a high-quality commercial waste and recycling collection across the city. The BID aims to introduce significant improvements for the benefit of its levy payers. As well as delivering cost savings, this partnership should improve the reliability and frequency of collections in the area, increase recycling rates and improve the local street scene.

The contract has been designed such that the greater the number of levy payers that sign up, the more they will save. As the contract attracts more customers, the waste collector’s service will become more efficient and, under the contract rules, the savings will be passed back to businesses. Annual price increases will be limited over the lifetime of the contract.

St Albans BID Manager Helen Burridge said:

“We are pleased to be launching this partnership and are excited about the real benefit it will bring to St Albans city centre. After working with Hubbub on a commercial waste review, we have a clear idea of what businesses in St Albans need from their waste and recycling collections. We are confident that KP Waste is the right provider with the right skillset and infrastructure to support our businesses.”

Kevin Hill from KP Waste said:

“We are the leading independent waste and recycling collection company in Hertfordshire. After many years working in St Albans and with all our recycling sites less than 3 miles outside of St Albans we are delighted to partner with St Albans businesses in this way. No waste collected under this contract will be going to landfill and we look forward to improving the businesses’ recycling streams too to pass savings back to the businesses. This kind of contract offers the best value for the businesses and we know we can deliver the service and quality that they expect.”

Information on how to join the scheme will be sent out to existing BID members and other businesses who have shown an interest in joining the scheme and will also be outlined at our Members update meeting on Wednesday 5 June.

If you are interested in finding out more and getting a quote for your waste management, please get in touch with vanessa.sharp@stalbansbid.com.