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Become a Director for St Albans BID

Are you a local business employee keen to impact local policy? Have you sat at your desk thinking I want to get involved? The day to day delivery of St Albans BID’s work is realised by three (soon to be four) employees at the direction of a Board, made up of local business representatives. The BID Board Directors come from all types of business and make sure that the BID’s work is relevant, sustainable, supportive and quantifiable. As we enter our third year of operation, we are looking for dynamic new board members to shape our continuing story.

Board membership is a two year duration and so there will be up to four spaces on the Board in the coming months. We want to hear from senior decision makers from large organisations or SMEs that are currently BID levy payers who want to give back to the community and help improve the City by delivering the core areas within the BID business plan. St Albans BID Limited is incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee and is governed by a Board of up to 15 volunteer Directors chosen from levy paying businesses in the BID area. The make-up of the Board is proportionate to and representative of the types and numbers of businesses paying the BID levy. Directors take account of the interests of all levy payers and not just those of their own business sector or geographical area.

Over our first term, £2.5 million will be invested into the BID’s priorities: promoting St Albans as a vibrant and viable City to live, work and do business. The majority of the Board come from private-sector organisations and the Board is chaired by a private-sector member. Board members have no financial gain from their membership. Board members are expected to attend a minimum of eight meetings per year with some additional subgroup work based on individual backgrounds and skill sets. Board members are expected to take a leading role alongside the BID team to help develop initiatives within the main priorities for the City.

Join our current board members and make a difference to your City!

There is more information here on our website including our first annual report, the Board Member nomination form and contact details should you require more information.