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External Lobbying, Membership and Support

St Albans Gift Card

We are delighted to announce the launch of a St Albans Gift Card on 12th November  2018. The launch of the specific BID-area card helps to lock in money for local businesses. Our programme uses the existing Mastercard network making it very straightforward to set up and easy to run. It also means that both nationals and independents can be involved. The card can be spent anywhere so it’s not just for objects: it could be used for coffees or cocktails, dinner or dinner jackets, solicitors or slippers… Whatever you sell, you should be able to accept the card: and the more people that accept the card, the more popular the card will be, locking more and more income into bricks and mortar stores in our City.

The cards will make great presents for teenagers, wedding gifts, work colleagues and corporate seasonal presents, nannies and nanas… Anyone who is hard to buy for, or you’d like to give an experience over a ‘thing’… this will work for them.

For more information please visit the website.

If you’d like to register to accept or sell the card please click here.

Apply to become a Member of St Albans BID Ltd.

Membership of  St Albans BID Ltd is open and free to all our levy payers. Membership to the BID is an opportunity for a representative from your organisation to attend member-only meetings for free or a heavily discounted fee and also to vote on items discussed at our Annual General Meeting.

Who can apply for Membership?

BID is made up of levy payers who own the businesses within the BID area. We are proposing that levy payers can become members of BID to secure influence on the direction that St Albans BID Ltd’s operations take. Each organisation can become a member for FREE: there is no cost but you need to opt in in order to attend AGMs and exercise your right to vote.

To become a member to represent your organisation, please read through the FAQs and guidance document and then complete the application form (doc) below. The BID Operating Agreement is available upon request from the BID Offices. Once completed please return the Application Form to the BID Office.

For clarification, being a Levy Payer does not automatically make an individual or business a Member of the company St Albans BID Ltd, hence the need for an application for those wishing to become a member.

Documents for download are:

Member Application Guidelines (pdf)

Member Application Form (doc)

Member Application Q&As (pdf)

Working with our stakeholders

St Albans BID has presented to St Albans Chamber of Commerce, St Albans Visitor Partnership, Redbourn Parish Council and is happy to come to talk to your organisation about St Albans City Centre. Get in touch if you’d like to hear from us.

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